9 Similarities Between Doctor Who And The Time Traveler's Wife, According To Twitter

Steven Moffat has written some of the greatest sci-fi stories, and The Time Traveler’s Wife, which recently concluded its first (and sadly, only season), is a stellar example of the writer’s expert storytelling. Its central premise, which explores the relationship between time traveler Henry and his wife Claire, has reminded many viewers of his Doctor Who work, which carried strikingly similar plot threads.

Audiences across social media have also noticed several similarities between Doctor Who and The Time Traveler’s Wife, with both wildly imaginative programs reflecting the writer’s clear love for time travel stories. Twitter, in particular, have spotted several commonalities between the two series, with these bold science-fiction narratives featuring many of Steven Moffat’s signature quirks.


A Quirky Time Traveler

So it’s a story about a quirky time traveler, his red-haired companion, and it’s written by Steven Moffat? #TimeTravelersWife

— Hi, I’m Derek. (@CapSteveRogers) May 16, 2022

Henry’s exceedingly rare condition marks him as an especially larger-than-life character, with his unusual disability sending him backward or forwards through time without any clothes. This weird situation has reminded @CapSteveRogers of Doctor Who’s lead character, describing Henry as “a quirky time traveler" akin to the Doctor from the hit BBC Series.

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Clare's future husband acts similarly to various incarnations of the legendary Time Lord. Henry’s younger self carries the more youthful and chaotic energy of the Eleventh Doctor, while his older personality feels closer to the more stern and serious approach of the Doctor’s Twelfth incarnation. Additionally, Henry meets multiple versions of himself throughout his time travel endeavors, conveying a similar narrative to Doctor Who’s Multi-Doctor Specials.

River Song

One of the best things about watching HBO's #TimeTravelersWife is seeing just how much the novel inspired The Doctor and River.

Sometimes Claire opens her mouth and River Song's words fall out.

— Chris #BLM ♥️ 🇺🇦 Have a safe PRIDE 🏳️‍🌈 (@RuthRobeleeen) June 20, 2022

As the lively daughter of Amy and Rory Pond, River Song has delivered some of the best quotes in Doctor Who. For some users, they could see reminiscences of her in Clare Abshire's role within The Time Traveler's Wife feels, with Twitter’s @RuthRobeleeen pointing out how Clare’s dialogue sees “River Song’s words fall out.”

Throughout the series, Clare delivers several quotes which feel close to River’s iconic lines, as she notes how Henry “looks younger” than when she last saw him and flirts with the affable time traveler during various points in his life. Furthermore, Henry and Clare’s romance directly echoes the Doctor and River Song’s, with both couples meeting their respective partners in the wrong order.

Timey Wimey

Really liking #StephenMoffat script for #TimeTravelersWife.

Watching it makes me realise how much the original novel must have influenced his timey wimey scripts for #DoctorWho

— Roger Edwards (@Roger_Edwards) May 16, 2022

Steven Moffat’s stories offer some of the most complicated forms of storytelling, with the writer showing a clear passion for time travel plotlines. Twitter poster @Roger_Edwards believes some of his inspiration for his Doctor Who episodes’ twisted narratives may have come from the Time Traveler’s Wife’s story, noting how it “must have influenced his timey wimey scripts.”

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One prime example of this complex narrative style concerns a particularly sweet sequence, where Henry acts as a mentor for himself as a child at the local museum. This feels strikingly close to Moffat’s Doctor Who episode “The Big Bang,” which features Amy Pond teaming up with her child self at the National Museum, showing a strong link between Moffat’s inspired screenplays and Audrey Niffenegger’s beloved novel.

Amy Pond

New #TimeTravelersWife series on HBOMax is Steven Moffat leaning hard into the best bits of #DoctorWho’s River Song and Amy Pond storylines, plus a whole lot of Theo James (literally 😂). Strong recommend.

— Jill Tew (@jtewwrites) May 31, 2022

As the Eleventh Doctor’s loyal assistant, Amy Pond is considered one of the best Doctor Who companions, with her fiery nature having entertained many audiences during her TARDIS travels. Twitter user @Jtewwrites has noticed a few similarities between Clare and Amy, describing Moffat’s latest series as “leaning hard” into Amy’s greatest moments.

Among the most obvious correlations between Amy and Clare is how they meet their respective time travelers, with both individuals originally encountering their eccentric buddies during their childhood. Clare and Amy are forced to wait many years before they become properly embroiled in their friends’ lives, demonstrating a considerable amount of patience as they await their respective futures.

The Library

When she met him in the Library and she knew him but he hadn’t yet met her I said,

“OMG, it’s The Doctor and River Song”#TimeTravelersWife pic.twitter.com/PBiDlxS39U

— 🌿Fern🌿 (@ItmustbeBunneez) June 4, 2022

Steven Moffat has presented some of Doctor Who’s spookiest locations, and one of his most unnerving is the library planet in “Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead.” The Time Traveler’s Wife sees Moffat deliver a similar setting, with the younger Henry working in a library, and this has reminded Twitter’s @ItMustBeBunneez of the writer’s terrifying Doctor Who storyline.

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As in “Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead,” The Time Traveler’s Wife’s library delivers Henry’s first meeting with Clare. However, while Henry may not have encountered his future wife before this point, this isn’t the case for Clare, who first met him many years before this moment. This is highly reminiscent of the Doctor’s first introduction to River, who had also already known the Time Lord before his trip to the library planet.


Another great episode of #TimeTravelersWife - but when Claire heard Henry’s Mom talk to her on tape from way in the past - I was getting Sally Sparrow style Blink vibes!

What do you think @sarahsjmmoore?

Great writing from #StephenMoffat

— Roger Edwards (@Roger_Edwards) May 23, 2022

Voted by IMDb users as one of Martha Jones’ best episodes, “Blink” is one of Steven Moffat’s greatest works, offering viewers a terrifying tale regarding the Weeping Angels’ occupation of Wester Drumlins. Tweeter @Roger_Edwards reckons The Time Traveler’s Wife shares some of its DNA with this Doctor Who masterpiece, as he claims to have received “Sally Sparrow style Blink vibes.”

Clare’s introduction to Henry’s mother recalls some of Moffat’s key “timey wimey” tropes from “Blink,” as Henry asks his future wife for a question to ask his mother, during his next time travel journey. Clare hears Henry’s mother answer her query during an old tape recording of her opera performance, and this feels remarkably similar to the Doctor’s message for the Present Day Sally Sparrow, which he records in 1969, showing Moffat’s love for recordings as an important time travel device.

Hands Against The Door

WHEN THEY PUT THEIR HANDS AGAINST THE DOOR 😭 thank you moffat #TimeTravelersWife

— 🌻A YELLING LOU 🌻 team wither (@lusodork) June 13, 2022

Since its initial broadcast in 2006, “Doomsday” remains one of Doctor Who’s most emotionally devastating episodes, as the Doctor and Rose are permanently separated during a furious battle with the Daleks and Cybermen. Twitter’s @lusodork believes Moffat may have paid tribute to Russell T Davies’ heart-breaking episode, as Henry and Clare share a tender moment over the bathroom door.

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This dramatic sequence sees Henry and Clare place their hands on either side of the door, as Henry asks Clare to be gentle following his dangerous encounter with a ferocious biker gang. The poignant cinematography directly mirrors one of “Doomsday’s” most iconic scenes, which involves the Doctor and Rose pressing their hands against Torchwood’s walls following their unfortunate separation, suggesting Moffat may have intended this to be a deliberate call-back to Russell T Davies's Doctor Who classic.

The Girl In The Fireplace

Vi el primer capítulo de #TimeTravelersWife  sin saber que había salido literal minutos antes 😅.
Me recordó tanto al capítulo de The Girl in the Fireplace de #Doctorwho en como estaba escrito… & color me surprised when I found out that one of the writers is Moffat… 🙃 pic.twitter.com/3IrY25v8Wv

— 🍀Jime ヒメ~「東卍」 (@HinaJime) May 16, 2022

Considered the perfect Doctor Who episode for those in a romantic mood, “The Girl In The Fireplace” is a beautiful screenplay by Steven Moffat, as he delivers a passionate romance between the Doctor and Madame De Pompadour. Poster @HinaJime has noticed some similarities between this episode’s moving plot and The Time Traveler’s Wife, with Twitter's English translation of this tweet seeing her declare how it “reminded me so much of 'The Girl In The Fireplace.”

Henry’s involvement in Clare’s life takes a similar approach to this elegantly written Doctor Who story. Both the Doctor and Henry first meet their respective partners as children, before reuniting with them at different points in their lives. Their constant disappearances throughout their timelines create considerable stress for Madame De Pompadour and Clare, with the pair sometimes left to wonder when their time-traveling lovers will return.

The Blue Diary

There’s even a little blue diary for Clare to keep track of the days they meet just like River Song. So far, so Silence In The Library. #TimeTravelersWife #DoctorWho

— Jeremy Blackmore (@JeremyB_Writer) May 16, 2022

River Song’s enigmatic nature has provided some of the Doctor Who revival’s most famous scenes, as she teases the Doctor about their future endeavors. One of the character’s most well-known aspects is her blue diary, and Twitter’s @JeremyB_Writer has spotted an especially neat nod to the archaeologist’s book in The Time Traveler’s Wife, as he compares Clare’s diary to River Song’s.

Henry’s future wife owns a diary with a particularly close appearance to River’s, with both books bearing a bold blue cover. Furthermore, Clare’s diary serves the same purpose as the Doctor’s mysterious partner, with Henry’s romantic interest also using her book to keep track of her meetings with her time-traveling soul mate.

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