10 Dungeons And Dragons Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Playing A Druid

With the recent return of the main Critical Role campaign, fans are once again excited to watch their favorite nerdy voice actors geeking out over Dungeons and Dragons. Though fans are still getting used to characters like Ashton and Imogen, many are enjoying the connections that Orym has with Keyleth of the Ashari.

Keyleth, who starred in The Legend of Vox Machina, was a fierce Druid who proved that even anxious Druids could be powerful warriors that are essential to their party. In response, many players picked up Druids of their own and have been discovering just how much fun they can be. It's a major reason there have been some more memes about Druids recently, and some of them really sum up the experience of playing as the particular class.


Wild Shape

A major part of the fun of playing a Druid is getting to know the various beasts that appear in the game. After all, wild shape is one of the most fun abilities in the game, as it lets the player character turn into any beast that they have seen before, which is certainly versatile in combat situations.

Most Druids accept the limitation that comes with only knowing the beasts they have seen. Others flip through the monster manual and beg their Dungeon Master to introduce those animals, which is something most DMs can relate to having experienced once or twice.

Somewhat Weird

Most Druids tend to be a little antisocial compared to the rest of their party. After all, spending most of their time with animals or as animals doesn't exactly lend to the most personable characters. Though Druids tend to mean well, they can be a little much upon first impressions.

Of course, while cliche characters are unpopular in D&D, they're cliches for a reason, and it's because they work with the class and are also a lot of fun. Considering how powerful Druids can be, it's common to dump charisma, which can lead to some supremely awkward characters.

Easy to Typecast

Players tend to consider the subclass they'll choose when they're first rolling their character. After all, a benevolent Oath of Conquest Paladin would be a confusing character indeed. So, when choosing a subclass, Druid players often consider their natures as they select their Circles.

Of course, Circle of Spores characters tend to love plans and find little concern with the natural circle of life. Circle of Wildfire Druids, however, tend to have little problem burning things to the ground. It's part of what makes it one of the best Unearthed Arcana subclasses, because it lends an opportunity for players to play chaotic Druids.

Level Two Makes A Difference

Before reaching Level Two, Circle of the Moon Druids tend to have some major problems in combat. After all, having yet to unlock their wild shape abilities, they're pretty easy to take down. They need those extra hit points from their animal forms to stay on their feet.

So, while they may be easy to topple early on, as soon as players earn their second level, they're practically unstoppable. As the game goes on, they get stronger and stronger. By the end of a Level 20 campaign, they tend to be the strongest character on the field, thanks to their unlimited wild shape and longevity.

Spells Aren't Easy

With a vast array of spells at their disposal, it's pretty easy for Druids to make mistakes while they get used to their new character. Some struggle to ever memorize all the details of the spells, which can often lead to mistakes that DMs have to work through. It's one of the reasons many new DMs struggle to provide tips for Druids.

Yet, even if the Druids learn the spells well enough, they can still make mistakes. A wrongfully placed entanglement spell can put the Druid out of commission for a turn or three, which can be more than enough to turn the tide in a battle. While it's a funny sight to imagine, it can be somewhat frustrating as the player.

Multiclassing Can Be Weird

It's one thing to have an overpowered subclass in Dungeons and Dragons, and it's another to be a Rogue multiclassing into a Paladin or a Fighter multiclassing with Warlock. It's entirely different to multiclass as a Druid, given that most combinations with Druids are completely strange.

A Druid and Ranger multiclass could mean a bear trying to work a bow, while a Bard multiclass could mean a singing dog entertaining crowds. It's a much funnier sight, which tends to be why many Druids actually want to find the most ridiculous multiclasses possible.

Roleplay Can Be Difficult

Once a Druid starts to wild shape, roleplaying isn't exactly as easy as it once was. If players want to stay in character, they may only be able to communicate with grunts, growls, or body language. It makes it a challenge to talk to other party members, especially in the heat of battle.

Of course, while some players take the opportunity to metagame and communicate with their party anyway, others take it a step further and refuse to speak at all. It shows a true dedication to roleplay, and it's also an opportunity for players to show just how funny they can be at the table.

It's A Weird Power

Conjuring animals in Dungeons and Dragons is a pretty strange concept. After all, where do the animals come from? Which animals should the Druids summon? What exactly are the animals going to do once they arrive? And, most importantly: Why conjure animals?

Of course, it's absolutely hilarious to imagine the reactions of onlookers as eight elk randomly appear in the middle of a city or on a battlefield. It also can help showcase the creativity of players as they figure out the best animals to magically summon in the midst of a fight.

Never A Healer

While Druids have access to every Druid spell that they have the spell slots for, they have to prepare those spells each morning before heading off to enjoy the day. While that means that Druids can select from a wide array of options, it also means that they can sometimes forget some key spells.

After all, while a party always needs a healer, the Druid may forget to prepare Cure Wounds or Healing Word. It can mean the difference between life and death for party members, so Druids tend to catch some serious flack if they forget to prepare healing spells — even if the party already has a Cleric.

Wild Shape Is Wild

Whereas most Druids can be sweet and loving people when they aren't faced with an enemy on the field, the second they're in the fray, they certainly know how to take on a foe. With wild shape, they can serve as tanks as well as fighters and take down anyone they come across.

It's a harsh difference, but one most enemies to the party learn quickly. While a Druid may seem sweet and innocent, their bites tend to be much harsher than their barks. Even a Barbarian can be surprised by the relentless drive of a Druid when they've shifted into a ferocious bear.