1 New Walking Dead Spinoff Detail Secretly Teases Tyreese's Return

New episode details for Tales of the Walking Dead might be secretly teasing the return of Tyreese Williams. Announced in October 2021, The Walking Dead's latest spin-off will take the form of an anthology series, introducing new characters and fresh stories to the franchise. Brief synopses of the six episodes have been released, which uncover some interesting new details about the upcoming series, including perhaps a tease that one fan favorite character from The Walking Dead might make a return.

While the main series of The Walking Dead may be ending with season 11, several spin-offs have been confirmed to be carrying on the legacy of the show and expand on established characters further. Tales of the Walking Dead, however, promises six one-off episodes that delve deeper into the walker-inhabited world and spans the entire TWD timeline, from the very start of the apocalypse to potentially decades into the future. The series will be heavily focused on introducing new voices into the world of The Walking Dead, with the exception of Samantha Morton's Dee/Alpha, who is the only character confirmed to be reprising her role from the main show.


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Despite the reveal of Alpha's return, many are wondering whether other characters from TWD will cross over into Tales of the Walking Dead. A small tease in the synopsis for episode 1 might suggest that Tyreese Williams and his sister, Sasha, could make an appearance in the spin-off. While these characters haven't been seen since The Walking Dead seasons 5 and 10 respectively, Tales of the Walking Dead provides the perfect opportunity for them to make their return.

Will Tyreese & Sasha Appear In Tales Of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Tyreese And Sasha Williams

Played by The Wire's Chad L. Coleman and Star Trek: Discovery's Sonequa Martin-Green, Tyreese and Sasha Williams were introduced in The Walking Dead season 3, episode 8. Originally shunned by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the pair joined the group in the season 3 finale and became strong members of the community. Unfortunately, neither made it to The Walking Dead final season, with Tyreese being taken down by a walker bite, and Sasha sacrificing herself in an effort to kill Jeffrey Dean Morgan's sinister Negan.

Now though, the pair have a chance to return in Tales of the Walking Dead. The synopsis for episode 1 suggests that Terry Crews is set to portray "a reclusive prepper [who] abandons his bunker in search of a female prepper from his past." Attentive viewers will remember that, prior to their introduction to Rick's group at the prison, Tyreese and Sasha had spent seven months hunkered down in their neighbor's bunker before running out of supplies. While their neighbor was named 'Jerry' and Crews is playing a character referred to as 'Joe', it's still possible that these characters are one and the same.

It's been confirmed already that characters from The Walking Dead can return in Tales of the Walking Dead, and there is a wealth of character backstories that audiences haven't been shown in full. It would make sense for there to be subtle connections between the spin-off and the main show so that the former doesn't feel so disconnected. Having Tyreese and Sasha make cameo appearances in Tales of the Walking Dead will help to cement the series in the grander universe immediately, while also expanding on stories that viewers are already familiar with.